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"...Znanje transformativne mediacije bom vsekakor uporabljala pri poklicu kot v zasebnem življenju. ."(U. Ravnikar)

Upcoming International Events:
♦ 4 - day Training in Transformative Mediation with Marko Iršič, Certified Transformative Mediator™
21. - 24. 6. 2021 and 5. - 8. 7. 2021 >> READ MORE

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The Book on Communication Wellness, 21 Ways to Transform Your Conversations in Business and Personal Life, M. Iršič, 2021

An excellent guide on transformative approach to communication, revealing 21 (and more)! ways to improve your Communication skills,  perfect your Conversations and rebuild Interactions to become more efficient, successful and create better relationships in personal and professional life.


The RAKMO Institute
Center for mediation and conflict management

The RAKMO Institute is an institute for development of relationship and conflict management culture, education,
counseling, research and publishing.

The main purpose of the Institute is: raising awareness about the problems of interpersonal conflicts and need for their
acknowledgement and discovering more constructive ways for dealing with them, deepening and spreading
knowledge and skills for conflict management and conflict transformation, spreading and developing of interpersonal relationship and conflict management culture.

Main activities for achieving this purpose are:
  • education and training (seminars, workshops, lectures),
  • training for mediators,
  • training for leading workshops,
  • mediation and  counseling,
  • research and publishing.

Rakmo institute is leading organisation in the field of transformative mediation and one of the leading organisations on the field of mediation in Slovenia.

Rakmo Institute also published several books on conflict management and mediation (in Slovene Language), among others the translation of The Promise of Mediation, the ground literature on Transformative Mediation.

On the 11th and 12th of November 2011 RAKMO Institute organized The First International Congress of
Transformative Mediation. The Congress took place in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.
Participants came many European countries. The special honor and privilege was the presence of
Mr. Joseph P. Folger who is one of the founding fathers of Transformative mediation.

For information about the congress please visit the official web page of the Congress at


RAKMO institute is co-founder of:

- MEDIOS – Association of mediation organizations of Slovenia

- European Association for Transformative Mediation

- European Mediation Network Initiative


RAKMO Institute is also a member of





In August 2012, RAKMO Institute organized international conference about school and peer mediation.
For more information about the
conference please visit





RAKMO Institute is founding member of RAKMO Institute is founding member of RAKMO Institute is founding member of 
RAKMO Institute is member of

European Mediation
Network Initiative

Association of Mediation Organisations of  Slovenija - Medios
European Association for Transformative Mediation UIA - Word Forum of Mediation Centers

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