The Rakmo Institute is aware of the importance of mediation, therefore is organizing and performing trainings for mediators in almost every city in Slovenia. We offer you both basic and advanced mediation trainings.

Basic training for mediators

These dynamic programs provide the fundamentals for those interested in becoming mediators, as well as for anyone aspiring to include mediation skills as part of their professional and personal life.
  • the basic program (80 hours)
  • the additional program (60 hours)
Advanced training for mediators (participation at the previous basic training is required):

Commited to provide a thorough mediation training the Rakmo Institute presents advanced programs to refine and expand mediation knowledge, skills and techniques.
  • training for family mediators (120 hours)
  • training for school mediators (50 hours)
  • training for mediators in commercial and labour disputes (50 hours)
  • training for business and in house mediators (50 hours)
  • training for mediators in the local communities (50 hours)
  • training for victim offender mediation (160 hours)
Training for trainers

This program is designed for experienced mediators who have an interest in developing their capacity to lead, design and deliver effective mediation training programs.


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