Mediation in a dispute is a process, which is directed by the mediator in which the parties who are on bad terms or parties which have some disputable area or question are included voluntarily with purpose to search for the solution, which is acceptable for both parties. The advantage of the mediation is in efficacy, law costs, high level of effectiveness and mutual acceptance of the solution. Beside formal mediation is very useful also informal mediation, which is applicable in personal relations and at work.
Mediator - a person, who is qualified for leading the process of mediation - he helps participants in the process to express the problems, desires and needs in a constructive way, and to take actively part in finding a solution. Mediator is impartial and takes care for the process, he is not declaring for the content.
Besides quick and satisfying solution mediation contributes to relation improvement and cooperation between the parties which are on bad terms, reduces the possibility of the sharpening the conflicts in the future and contributes in developing effective forms to prevent and resolve difficulties and misunderstandings.

At the Rakmo Institute we use as mediation method:
  • Transformative mediation which resolves question in dispute among two or more participants. Participants are capable to define their issues and to seek solutions on their own.
  • Facilitative mediation which is a structured process of resolving issues in disputes or problems of two or more participants.
We are performing mediation on the following areas:
  • Family mediation: marital mediation, divorce mediation, mediation between family members.
  • Business and in house mediation: between employees, between management and employees, between departments within the department, in connection with the termination of the employment.
  • School mediation: among co-workers in the school, between teachers and students, between students, between teachers and parents, between school and community.
  • Commercial mediation: between companies, such as sole trader, economic associations etc. and in certain contexts even within those entities such as for example mediation between business owners and managers.
  • Community mediation: neighborhood disputes, conflict between roommates, noise complaints, disputes between tenents and landlords.
  • Victim offender mediation: it is a process, which gives victims of criminal offenses opportunity to meet with the offender in a safe structured environment.

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