Joseph P. Folger is a Professor of Adult and Organizational Development at Temple University in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He is a co-founder and fellow of the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation. His work at the Institute included assisting with the design and delivery of the United States Postal Service REDRESS mediation program, as well as conducting assessment and benchmarking research for numerous organizations and mediation agencies. He has worked extensively as a third party intervener in organizational, community, court and small group disputes. He is also the co-founder of Temple University’s Conflict Education Resource Team – a peer mediation program for Temple University students. Folger has been an advisory board member for the National Conference on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution and was the Program Chair for the conference in 1993. He has delivered keynote addresses at conferences held by the Academy of Family Mediators, Mediation UK, Mediator’s Institute of Ireland, National Mediation Conference of Australia, Universal Forum of Cultures (Barcelona Spain), Congreso Mundial de Mediación (Mexico and Santiago Chile) and the Congreso International de Mediación (Sevilla Spain). He won the Peacebuilder of the Year award from the New York State Dispute Resolution Association in 2006. Professor Folger has published extensively in the areas of communication and conflict, mediation, and third party intervention processes. His books include the award winning volumes, Working Through Conflict: Strategies for Relationships, Groups and Organizations (6th edition, with M.S. Poole and R.K. Stutman) and The Promise of Mediation (with R.B. Bush, 1st and 2nd editions). The Promise of Mediation has been translated into six different languages. He co-edited (with R. A. Bush) Designing Mediation: Approaches to Training and Practice within the Transformative Framework (with R.B. Bush) and most recently he co-edited Transformative Mediation: A Sourcebook -- Resources for Conflict Intervention Practitioners and Programs.

Branka Sladović Franz, PhD, is associate professor at Cathedra for theory and methodology of social work at Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb. She is member of Croatian Association of Social Workers, Society for Psychological Assistance and member of editorial board of “Social Work Yearly”. She is also a vice-member in “Council for Children”, which is Croatian governmental advisory board. Branka is well-known author in her field of work, publishing 2 books and several papers and scientific publications. In year 2010 Branka created a two-year postgraduate study in family mediation at Department of Social Work.

Jens Gellin is the counsellor at workplaces and he works also as a senior trainer in the School Mediation project in Finland. He has been one of the method developers and training planners for 10 years. He is working as a voluntary Victim Offender Mediator and also professionally as a mediator of conflicts in neighborhoods and workplaces. He is the head of the Society of Restorative Practices (ROK) in Finland. At the moment Jens Gellin is finishing his studies on solution orientated psychotherapy at the Short Therapy Institute of Helsinki.

Maija Gellin is the Director of the School Mediation project in Finland. She has been the main method developer and one of the training planners for 10 years. Her latest research (master thesis at Univ. of Lapland) is recently published, and to be continues for Doctoral thesis. She is working also as a voluntary mediator in the Victim Offender Mediation Office of Espoo city. Maija Gellin is a member of the board of Finnish Forum for Mediation and she is actively taking part in the international co-operation on the field of mediation at schools.

Julie Mc Auliffe is an accredited practitioner mediator of the Mediators Institute of Ireland since 1999 and has worked full time in this field since. She obtained a Masters Degree in Mediation and Conflict Resolution in 2005 from UCD. Julie has lectured on mediation at University College Dublin & the National University of Ireland Maynooth, the Institute of Public Administration and the Irish Law Courts since 2000. Julie has served on the Mediator’s Institute of Ireland Executive Board and as Registrar with the Mediators Institute Ireland.

Aleksandra Weber is a medical doctor trained in cardiology, experienced in business internationally as a manager (SANOFI), consultant (Bain & Co.), financial analyst (Allianz Asset Management), PR professional (de facto communications) and entrepreneur covering the whole value chain of the healthcare sector. Business mediator and board member of the EUCON Institute - European Institute for Conflict Management and Business Mediation, responsible for ADR, Mediation and Negotiation Group for Healthcare and Life Sciences. Based in Munich, Germany.

Michael Lichtenstein is a full time mediator, clinical Neuropsychologist and group leader. He specialized in advanced mediators' training and supervision. Since 1998 he received extensive training in many fields of mediation and has mediated hundreds of disputes, both in court referred and private practice. Since 2002 Michael has been head of Training and Professional Development in The National Center of ADR – a branch of Israel Ministry of Justice. He was the professional director of the mediation practicum – a joint project of the Ministry of Justice, Israel court System and leading mediation training institutions. He is currently based in Paros Island, Greece, where he established the Tao's mediation Program, in Tao's Center – a retreat and meditation center.

Ksenja Lorber is mediator and mediation trainer at the Center for Mediation and Conflict Management at the Rakmo Institute. She uses mediation and conflict management skills in her work with adolescents and is also a trainer in a program Raising awareness of the importance of conflict management developed by Rakmo Institute. This program is implemented in a number of schools in Slovenia.

Delma Sweeney, M. Soc. Sci., DASS, CQSW, MIAHIP, MICP, MII Practitioner Mediator, is Director of Mediation and Conflict Intervention at the National University of Ireland Maynooth. Delma is also the Director of CRMC: Conflict Resolution & Mediation Consultants, a training and practice consultancy. A founding member of the Irish Family Mediation Service in 1986 Delma has been in practice as a family & workplace mediator & conflict consultant since then having worked with many thousands of cases. She is also a founding member of the Mediators Institute of Ireland, a founding member of the World Mediation Forum and of the European Mediators Network Initiative. She is currently researching mediator’s use of intuition in practice for her PhD.

Jernej Kurinčič was born in 1978 in Ljubljana. After finishing secondary school he entered Franciscan Order and started studying teology at Ljubljana University. He graduated from there, writing his thesis of biblical dimension of dispute 'Dispute as creative power of holly history'. He attended several seminars in Frankfurt and in Rome within the Franciscan board for peace, justice and integrity creation, where the question of dispute is importantly represented. He published several articles with the theme of dispute and mediation.

Erin Dyer, PhD graduated from Trinity College Dublin, having researched the relevance of transformative mediation in the West Bank. She went on to serve as a Lucius Battle Peace Fellow at Middle East Fellowship, and coordinated a service-learning program at Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem, Palestine.

Saša Einsiedler started as a radio presenter back in 1985 and later as a TV host on Slovenian national television as well as commercial televisions. With mediation, coaching seminars and counselling she tries to help those, who are aware of importance of the appearance and want to improve interpersonal relationships at work and at home. Saša herself is mediating practically every day, for she is a mother of five children.

Louise Phipps Senft, Esq., Baltimore Mediation Founder & Lead Trainer. One of Maryland’s Top 100 Women (The Daily Record) and also Baltimore’s Best Mediator (Baltimore Magazine), Louise has over 20 years of professional experience. She is one of the founding members of Mediators Beyond Borders and a well-known author in the field.

Nan Waller Burnett, MA is a transformative mediator having managed over 1900 cases. She is a founding partner of Dispute Resolution Professionals, Inc. in Denver and a board member of Mediators Beyond Borders. She is the author of Calm in the Face of the Storm: Spiritual Daily Practice for the Peacemaker, Gold Medal winner for Spirituality/Inspiration.

Assoc. Professor Dr. Martin Risak, is a Marie Curie-Fellow engaged in a two-year research project on the mediation of employment rights disputes financed by the European Union. After conducting socio-legal research on this topic in New Zealand he is now based at the University of Vienna, Austria.

Elsa Dalambira is a lawyer since 1995. She has graduated from Law School of Thessaloniki, Greek Open University in European Civilization and she has a master in International Relations(Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki) and a master in Economic Analysis of Law (Universitaet Hamburg). Also, she is an accredited mediator by CEDR.

Irena Borštnar is mediator and mediation trainer at the Center for Mediation and Conflict Management at the Rakmo Institute. She uses mediation and conflict management skills in her work with adolescents and is also a trainer in a program Raising awareness of the importance of conflict management’, developed by Rakmo Institute. This program is implemented in a number of schools in Slovenia.

Marko Iršič is mediator, mediation trainer and founder of the Center for Mediation and Conflict Management at the RAKMO Institute in Ljubljana. Author of The Art of Conflict Management (2004 in Slovenian) and more recently Mediation (2010 in Slovenian). He obtained the license of Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and has a degree - Master of Educational Studies in Leuven in Belgium. He currently works as a trainer in communication, conflict management and mediation.

Carlo Mosca is an Italian attorney, an arbitrator, a commercial mediator and an ADR trainer. His main professional area of work is international contracts and investments, and relevant disputes. He qualified as “avvocato” (solicitor) in 1983, and began his international practice in 1985. He has been working on ADR projects and promotion of mediation practice in Italy since 1994. His approach to mediation is basically facilitative, with the constant aim to provide the parties in dispute a ‘safe’ environment for their negotiations, and to give them any useful tools for reaching sound commercial re-arrangement of their interests and need, and opportunity for empowerment and recognition.

Aleksandra Pušnik is a postgraduate student at Sigmund Freud University in Vienna, Austria. She specialized in systemic therapy and psychotraumatology and is EMDR therapist of I. degree.

Mišo Pušnik is mediator, candidate for mediation trainer at RAKMO Institute and director of Centre for transformative mediation and psychotherapy.

Alberto Amati has been a member of the Board of Directors of the European Social Fund of the European Council in Paris. He is also Ambassador in Slovenia of the Republic of San Marino, a special adviser at the Columbia University in New York and has taught economic and tax subjects in post-universitary schools, President of the Chamber of Commerce Italo-Croata and former Vice President of UIA.

Roman Kozmus graduated with a work »Newmans way in the Catholic curch« in 1995 and obtained his Master Degree in 2000 (Eshatols themes in the Alojz Rebula's essays). After that he took his doctor's degree in 2003 (Rebula's walking to spirit: Theological virtues of faith, hope and love in the works of Alojz Rebula). He has participated on preparation of various scientific and technical texts. He is the author of  several scientific articles published in professional and popular literature. Since 2000 he is part time lecturer for dogmatics at »Katehetsko pastoralna šola« (catechetical pastoral school) in Ljubljana and philosophy in Maribor school.

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