Conference on School and Peer Mediation:

Conflict is an opportunity for growth
Implementing School and Peer mediation into the educational plan of a school

Conference will take place on Tuesday, 28. 8. 2012, from 9.00 till 14.30 in School: OŠ Miklavž na Dravskem polju (lokacija).

Tentative Program of the Conference:

9.00 do 10.30 plenarny session:
  • Introductionary speeches: organiser, honoured guests, host: headmistress of the school,
  • brief lecture on Transformative Mediation,
  • presentation of work of School and peer mediators on the school: OŠ Miklavž na Dravskem polju,
  • further instructions (workshops etc.)
10.30  -  11.00 coffe break
11.00  -  12.30 workshops and presentations in smaller groups
12.30  -  13.00 lunchbreak
13.00  -  14.00 workshops and presentations in smaller groups
14.00  -  14.30 Concluding plenary session

Concerence and workshops will be held in Slovene and English Language.

On the Conference several interesting topics will be presented, among others: Use of mediation in cases of bulyying, Implementing School and Peer Mediation into the Educational plan of a School, Ackuiring Conflict resolution Skills, Use of mediation skills with students with behavioral disorders, ethical considerations regarding preserving confidentiality in school mediation, presentation of practical experiences with implementing School and Peer Mediation on various Schools ...

Registratuion Fee:
  • For teachers and other eduacational professionals:
25,00 €, for presenters: 15,00€.
  • Full price:
150,00 €, for presenters 100,00€.

It is still possible to submit your proposals until 10th of june 2012. For further information on submiting contribution proposals please send an email to:

For further information and registration, please send email to:

tel.: 01/436 41 17 or gsm  040 731-431


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