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International Congress of Transformative Mediation

11 & 12 November 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia

"Changing people, changing the world. The transformative way of dealing with conflict."



Parking and Transportation:

Along with the program of the Congress our biggest concern is to take care of your comfortable accommodation and transport. Thus we would like to give you more information on parking facilities and public transport in Ljubljana.

Participants staying at the Hotel Lev have free parking included in their stay.

Participants who are accommodated in other hotels we suggest using one of the

1. Kozolec:

  • Location:150 m away from the Hotel Lev, address Kersnikova ulica 10, Ljubljana, entrance to the parking garage from the Dvoržakova Street
  • Parking fee: 1,20 €/hour (7.00 - 19.00) and 1,80 €/night (19.00 - 7.00)
  • Occupancy: enough parking spaces throughout weekdays and weekends
  • Map and more info: http://www.lpt.si/en/parkings 

2. Tivoli :

  • Location: 500 m away from the Hotel Lev, address Celovška cesta 3, Ljubljana, entrance to the parking space from the Celovška Street
  • Parking fee: 0,60 €/hour (6.00 - 20.00), free parking during the night (20.00 - 6.00) and weekends (Friday from 20.00 - Monday till 6.00)
  • Occupancy: enough parking spaces throughout weekdays and weekends
  • Map and more info: http://www.lpt.si/en/parkings

Participants staying at the M-hotel can use
PUBLIC TRANSPORT route numbers 1, 3, 3B, 5, 8, or 25 at a bus stop Kino Šiška or number 7 and 7L at a bus stop Na Jami. Exit station for all routes is Kolizej near the Hotel Lev. (number 1 - goes every 5 to 10 minutes; number 3, 3B, 5, 8, 7 and 7L - every 10 to 15 minutes; number 25 - every 20 to 25 minutes).

For map, and other information click
For other routes see

All public transport users must use Urbana card that can be purchased at special vending machines set at the designated stations (station Kino Šiška included). One card costs 2€. At the machine you can also upload credit. One ride costs 0,80€ (up to 1,5 hour). One card can be used by more users at the same time - in this case you have to ask a bus driver for assistance and tell him/her number of passengers using the same card. 

TAXI info click HERE or ask at your hotels.  

We are looking forward to seeing you in Ljubljana!